Impacted Substances API

This section gives an overview of the Impacted Substances API. The Material Impacted Substances, Specification Impacted Substances, and Part Impacted Substances queries accept a list of references to records in a Granta MI database and determine the impacted substances that are directly or indirectly associated with these records via associated records in the Granta MI database. The BoM Impacted Substances Query query is similar, but instead of records it accepts a Bill of Materials in Ansys Granta MI 1711 XML BoM format, which in turn includes references to Granta MI records.

In all cases, impacted substances are determined by a list of legislations, identified by legislation name.

These queries do not take the quantity of the substance in the parent item into consideration. If the quantity is important, for example to determine compliance against a legislation that imposes a certain threshold, you should use the Compliance API instead.