Compliance API

This section provides an overview of the Compliance API. The Substance Compliance, Material Compliance, Specification Compliance, and Part Compliance queries can be used to determine the compliance of records in a Granta MI database based on a number of Indicators. An indicator is a collection of one or more legislations and a threshold. If a certain record directly or indirectly contains substances impacted by one of the specified legislations in an amount that exceeds the threshold, the record is not compliant with that indicator. For more information about possible results, see the definitions of the indicators.

The BoM Compliance query accepts a Bill of Materials in Ansys Granta MI 1711 XML BoM format and returns the compliance status of the BoM based on the Granta MI records referenced by it.

In general, the result of each query is a recursive BoM (or multi-level BoM) that shows the compliance status and impacted substances at each level. If you are looking for a simple determination of the substances indirectly or directly contained within a item represented by a Granta MI record, consider using the Impacted Substances API.